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Archive for December, 2011

What we like to remember during the holiday season is this. It’s all about family.  As the kids grow older and joys and challenges come and go, we remember that our connections to our family members will always be there. The Urbanskis came by today for some family shots and it was like getting a [...]

You can tell when my daughter’s up in the morning, because that’s the moment she starts singing. And I mean, she doesn’t just sing, she belts the tunes out.  So, we feel particularly blessed that there’s an additional audience and venue for her music, besides us.  The Tucson Girls Chorus is filled with girls who [...]

I photographed Devin and Shelby last week at the beautiful Omni Resort in Tucson.  It was a beautiful afternoon and with the gorgeous grounds of the Omni serving as a backdrop, it wasn’t tough to create some great images.  Communication is key to relationships and photography.  These two were so in tuned with each other, [...]

Last night, I went to see an amazing group of kids from Basis Tucson.  What an event! A frenetic-paced performance filled with energy and an eclectic selection of music.  If you looked in the dictionary under, “You really had to see it”, you’d see a picture the kids I’m sure.  Matter of fact, if you’d [...]